The Phylogenetic Relations and Biogeography of Three Indian and Two African Species of Abrus Adanson

Amal kumar Mondal*, Sanjukta Mondal Parui


Phylogenetic interrelationship between five species of Abrus Adanson was studied based on SDS-PAGE protein profile of their seeds. These included Abrus precatorius Linn. and A. pulchellus Thw, two circumtropical species from India and A. canensis Welw. ex Bak. and A. fruticulosus W. & A., two species from continental Africa. The fifth species was also A. precatorius but with white seeds. Pairing affinity values of this species was highest with A. precatorius having red black seeds but varied considerably in their protein profile. A. precatorius was also found to be more related to the other Indian species A. pulchellus. On the other hand A. pulchellus which has been placed as a separate species by Verdcourt but considered to be a subspecies of A. fruticulosus by Breteler, were found to be two separate species. A. precatorius and A. fruticulosus are the most distantly related species.


Phylogenetic interrelationship; Abrus; SDS-PAGE; protein profile; seeds; Indian species and African species

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