A Taxonomic account on the Monocotyledonous Plants from Khanpur Taluka of Mahisagar District, Gujarat, India

Kunjana N. Patel, P. K. Patel


Angiosperms plants are divided into two groups, the monocotyledons (monocots) and the dicotyledons (dicots). The present study was carried out for floristic survey of monocotyledonous plants in the Khanpur taluka of Mahisagar district (Gujarat) of western India. Floristic survey is useful to maintenance of rare, endangered & threatened plant species. Presented research paper gives an account of 101 species of 12 different monocot families. By the present study an attempt has been made to evaluate the diversity of monocots.


Gujarat, Khanpur, Mahisagar, Monocotyledonous plant, species, Taxonomic

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