Shagun Prakash Maglik, Mohd Ajaz, Narendra P. Singh


The present study was conducted to assess the phytoplankton diversity in freshwater bodies at four sites from two districts of western Uttar Pradesh. About 21 algal genera of 5 families are found in the selected sites. Phytoplankton identified from the sites mainly composed of the member of Chlorophyceae, Bacilariophyceae and Cyanophyceae family. Maximum number of genera were recorded from Chlorophyceae (47.61%) and members of family Euglenophyceae (4.76%) were found rarely. Palmer Pollution Index values were calculated to know the level of pollution at each site.


Phytoplankton, Palmer index, Phytoplankton diversity, Freshwater, Plankton Net.

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