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Micro-morphological descriptions on Cenchrus species from Rajasthan (India)

Sunita Arora, Ganesh Kumar


Present investigation was carried out to screen micro-morphological features of Cenchrus species (C4 plant) belonging to family Poaceae. This is an important medicinal, fodder as well as crop plant and traditionally used as famine food during drought. It is best suited for desert environmental conditions.  In extreme conditions when food is in scarce, seeds of this grass are consumed by tribals. The microscopical illustrations revealed several interesting features i.e. presence of cuticle, bulliform cells, trichomes, lysigenous cavity, more amount of chlorenchyma, Y- shaped vascular bundles, double layered bundle sheath, large vessels and starch grains that support its assimilation efficacy and survival in typical conditions of Thar Desert. This study helps in referential identification, authentication, standardization and detection of adaptation strategies to understand biology of this plant.


Buffel grass, Bulliforms cells, Bundle sheath, Chlorenchyma, C4 plants, Monocot, Kranz anatomy, Poaceae

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