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Ethnobotanical medicinal plants in ParammaKonda, Konada, Nareduvalsa and Jayathi Sacred Groves, Vizianagaram, AndhraPradesh, India.

Jhansi Katta, Khasim S.M., Venkatesh R.M.


Sacred Groves are the places of Natural vegetation being protected by the people with a firm belief on Nature and God. The tradition of worshipping nature, trees is a practise all over the world. This made them rich with flora and biological wealth. The groves are beneficial to mankind as they had medicinal, economical, agricultural and edible plants. The present groves are Parammakonda, Jayathi, Nareduvalasa and Konada. Ethnobotanical uses of 103 species belonging to 95 genera and 53 families used by the tribal Kondadora, fishermen and other people are identified and the local name, scientific name, family, habit and uses are documented during the study. Maximum species belong to Euphorbiaceae (8) and Fabaceae (8). The tribal people are using more plant species for treating skin diseases. The leaf part is profusely used followed by stem, root and fruit, trees are used mostly for the herbal medicine. Many plant species which are endemic, endangered and rare are also preserved in the groves. They are the repositories of genetic diversity and play an impotant role in cleaning environment. They play multifunctional role in local communities, thus there is an urgent need to conserve them and to protect the biodiversity.

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