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Allergic evaluation of Roystonea regia (Kunth.) O. F. Cook. among Keralites, India.

Sushma Raj, Prakshkumar R.


Aerobiological studies conducted in Kerala (India), revealed the incidence of pollen grains of Roystonea regia (Kunth.) O.F.Cook. belonging to the family Aracaceae as a common airborne pollen member. Previous clinical studies conducted in different parts of the world also proved its allergic potentiality among human beings. Present study concerned with the clinical studies of this particular airborne pollen type among Keralites. Intradermal skin test results of 1000 patients having the history of respiratory complaints was collected for the allergy evaluation study. Results showed that this particular pollen type is highly potent allergen and the degree of reactivity is depends the locality in which the patients inhabits. 


Allergy, Intradermal skin test, pollen grains

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