Effect of AM fungus (Glomus macrocarpum) with additional phosphate fertilization on biomass yield nutrient uptake in two Basellaceae plants; Basella alba L. and Basella cordifolia L.

Kamble S. S., Lakshman H. C.*


Inoculation of AMF (Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus) (Glomus macrocarpum (AMF) with additional, super phosphate and rock phosphate treatment showed varied results on Basella alba and Basella cordifolia. At 30 days interval, experimental plants have not exhibited any better growth or nutrient uptake in mycorrhizal plants nor non-mycorrhization plants. However, both the plants significantly showed higher growth, biomass production nutrients uptake in both shoot and root of mycorrhizal plants over non-mycorrhizal plants. When the plants of Basella alba treated with 3.0 mg rock phosphate/kg soil, with mycorrhizal inoculation. But, Basella cordifolia showed plants treated with 1.0 mg super phosphate/kg soil with mycorrhizal inoculation improved plant growth biomass. On contrast to this per cent of AM fungal colonization and spore number decreased with the increased dosage of Super phosphate than those received rock phosphate.


Glomus macrocarpum; Basella alba L.; Basella cordifolia L.; per cent root colonization; Super phosphate and Rock phosphate.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21746/aps.2017.03.003


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